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please do not follow/interact if you're a map/nomap/map ally, ~insert typical list of bad stuff here, etc., etc...." here lol~
welp that's all i got, please just be a decent person ig.

genres/tropes I am into

  • all media - sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/found family

  • weirdly only anime/manga - romance/romantic comedies, otome dating sim games (yeah, idk why either as an ace/aro normally not interested in romantic movies but when it comes to 2d anime boys, i'm ok with wasting time playing/reading a romance thing ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

  • video games only - point and click/ visual novels (see the above books genres)/tower defense/text adventure/(j)rpgs/turn based

  • weird hobby/a thing i find relaxing - data entry

  • new hobbies - knitting (god why's ravelry's gui ancient? is it bc of the typical demographic?)

about me

  • gumm/pasta/aldric

  • they/he (masculine grammar is fine if your language doesn't have gender neutral options (ie french, russian, or whatever the super gender binary-obsessed european language is lol))

  • nonbinary

  • chinese american adoptee

  • 1997

  • i wanna be a pink haired cat boy someday....

  • if you wanna make your own pfp, i linked the picrew, so just click the icon! (picrew by [email protected]_w8)

HellholesID/Friend CodeName/Activity Level
A3!352305041N3bula!/Ayu (daily)
AFK ArenaServer:S721 ID:108381077Aldric (daily/casual game/player)
AFTERL!FEQPMDPWZ26DP9XXFPAyu (no longer playing) (oh snap it actually died rip)
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp6910 7077 643Gumm (hiatus)
Dragalia Lost5084 0955 593Aldric (daily)
Ensemble Stars Music!djezyjpiみどり (weekly)
FFXIVNA Aether data center, Jenova serverCyril Fan (im a WHM/healer main)
Granblue FantasyGroup E (?) 29630870Aldric (hiatus but daily log in)
Genshin ImpactNA server, dm me for UIDHansel (daily) (i didnt know it would lock me to ps4 ;-:)
KHUxNA server id 218138Aldric (casual playstyle, goes on hiatus sometimes)
Obey Me!3086581489Aldric (daily)
Pokemon Cafe3P22K2P6J4JEAldric (hiatus)
Touken Ranbu JPno friend feature?みどり
Twisted WonderlandUnGTbva2みどり (hiatus, but daily log in)
UtaPri Shining Live531432510Ayu (no longer playing)